Wednesday, June 6, 2018

May Roundup = Some Fantastic Reads!

May was a REALLY great book month!  
And a great month in general.  ; )  
Aside from all the wonderful stories, I also got to see Shinedown & Five Finger Death Punch in concert & it was AMAZING!  I saw them two years ago for my birthday, but they both have new albums out in May, so the set list was completely different & they came w/ another stellar show!  

Now, on to the books!  

The Fortuity Duet
Rochelle Paige

Fortuity & Serenity pack a wollup!  This story is amazingly crafted with an emotional satisfaction that I just adored!!  

(P.S.  The male cover model will be on the next season of Survivor, so that's a nice little bonus tidbit for ya!  ; ) ) 

JD Corbett

This is a second-chance short story that is fun & sweet & a great beach (or, cruise!) read!!

The cover really pops, too!  : ) 

I tried to pick some favorites from my May reads & ...
Just check out all the awesomeness!!  
So, it's a bit of a cheat, but I highly recommend looking up the books in these shots.  If they look like something you'd be interested in reading - I think you'll love them, just like I did!!  ; )  

I'll try to pick a couple feature books in June... 

: ) 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight

This story is so beautiful.  
Kelly & her Doc.  
It's a slow burn, lovers to enemies to friends to lovers story.  

And the cover... is amazing.  I love the covers for all three books in the series, really!  

I'm linking to my review and the Amazon page - check it out & fall in swoon!  


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April Roundup - Spring Into Your Next Read!

The awesomeness of 2018 continues!  
Have you checked out my post about Aurora Rose Reynolds's Happily Every Alpha Kindle World?  SO many amazing authors & I made my way through the ones I hadn't read ARC's of in March this month.  

(The link to the KW is for Amazon because they're all in one place so you can peruse at your leisure!  The links below will be to my GoodReads review & you can get to Amazon/other retailers from there if you're interested!)

Lani Lynn Vale

I'm slowly catching up w/ all the LLV books.  I read the books w/in each series in order, but haven't been reading the various series themselves in order.  I fall in love w/ 95% of them - there have been a few that haven't caught me, but the odds are in my favor that I'm going to love a book if it's by her!  
OD is an older one & KDC is a new release this month.  That one got 10+++ stars from me - it was INTENSE!  

Marquita Valentine

This one is a swoony favorite!  It's sweet, and the meet-cute between the two main characters is CUUUUTE!  I pretty much loved this one from start to finish & I highly recommend it as a recovery read to get you out of any potential book funks.  ; )  

Rochelle Paige
(Thanks to Social Butterfly PR for this gorgeous teaser!) 

This story is beautiful & a little suspenseful & a whole lotta top recommendation from me!  
It's part one of a duet, w/ Serenity coming in May (NEXT WEEK!), and I cannot WAIT to read the conclusion to Faith & Dillon's amazing adventure!  : )  

To Love Jason Thorn 
To Hate Adam Connor
Ella Maise

Ella's a new-to-me author.  She had a new release in April, The Hardest Fall, and it was AMAZING!  It looks like it's going to be a light & fun book (and it was) but it's also so full of DEPTH.  Great read!  So, after I finished that, I discovered I had Jason Thorn in my Kindle library, & decided to read that.  WONDERFUL!  Cute & sweet & sexy & fun read!  I went right into Adam after that (they're in KU, btw) & it was even SWOONIER & also fabulous!  Loved them so much!!  : )  

Honorable mentions this month go to:
Kylie Scott

Golden Trail
Kristen Ashley
(FINALLY!  Idk why I skipped it when I read the rest of the series - it was fantastic!)

And ARCs of The Road to Grace by Piper Davenport & An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight.  Stay tuned to more details on those in May's reviews!!  : )  

What great reads did you have in April??
Share in the comments!  

: ) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Release - Oceanside by Michelle Mankin

This story has one of my favorite covers - and the story inside does NOT disappoint!  

Isn't this cover DREAMY?  

I'm switching things up a bit for this one & posting my review below with the Amazon link rather than GoodReads.  : )  

Michelle Mankin

Fanny & Ash pulled me in straight away. Their story is intense and complex, and the obstacles they face are unique. Unique to the book world, altho Ash's obstacles are, I think, common issues that have been overlooked in recent years. 

There are some parts I wasn't a fan of - glimpses of Ash's pre-Fanny life that were too detailed for me, altho I understand why they were included. I did skip around those, not fully reading them as they were personal hard no's. 

Aside from that, I love the pacing of the story, the friendship & road to trust each of them must take to get to their (also unique and complex) HEA. Seeing the couples from the earlier books was a treat, and seeing how they are all FAMILY, how they are all connected and work at those connections was truly mesmerizing and beautiful to read. 

I love Fanny's strength and resilience, Ash's dominance and care, and both of their protection for each other! This is an amazing story, full of love, hope, and promise. I'm very interested to see updates & to read Hollie's story! : )

Also, just a small shout out to one of Michelle's other series that I really enjoyed, Tempest.  The first book, Irresistible Refrain, is free on Amazon.

This series also deals w/ some tough, important topics.  <3  

: ) 

Monday, April 2, 2018

An Exciting New Kindle World From Aurora Rose Reynolds


Oh my heck, y'all!  I have been chomping at the bit to share this Kindle World!  I mean, I've been sharing the books I've been blessed to read early as I've read them, but now... Now I can share them ALL!!!  Because it's LIVE!  

I've gushed about my love for all things Aurora Rose Reynolds before.  She is one of my all time favorite authors, and because of her, I've met some of my other all time favorite authors, as well.  

: )  

Seriously, check out all of those books!  The covers are gorgeous, the authors she chose to launch this world of hers are ALL absolutely AMAZING, and I'm looking forward to doing some re-reads as well as discovering the new ones as well!  

As of this writing, I've read the following:

Until Susan
CP Smith
Learn about how James & Susan's BOOM created the Maysons we love so much!

Until Avery
Brynne Asher
Um, y'all!  I LOVE LINK & AVERY!  

Until Nox
Layla Frost
This was my first Layla book & it swooned me right off my feet & I'm looking forward to reading her other stories!!  <3  

Until More 
S Van Horne
This was my first Sonya book & I highly enjoyed it!  Since reading it, I've also read book 1 in her More series & am looking forward to continuing!!  : )  

Until Leo
Rochelle Paige
Um.  It's LEO (from Until Nico) and his lady love is CARRIE!  
Plus, it's written by Rochelle, so instant favorite!  ;)  

So, there ya have it!  
If you'd like to take a look at the covers a lil closer & the descriptions, here's the link for the Kindle World:


ALSO!  Remember, these are in Kindle Unlimited, so if you're a subscriber to that, you can read them all as part of your subscription!  (I never thought I'd be an advocate for KU, but it's been really awesome for me so far!)  

Once you've tried them, let me know what you think in the comments - and if you pick a favorite!  ; ) 


: ) 
(p.s. - Thanks to Give Me Books for the awesome graphic & promoting this release!)  

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March Roundup - No Foolin'!

Starting off, I have to say - this year has been AMAZING for new releases as well as my finding "older" books & series to love.  

And before I get to the books, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mama!  She & her twin are 70 today & I'm very happy to have them in my life!  
April 1st was never about a "fools" day for me - it's always the day to celebrate!
And this year it's extra special, because it's also Easter.  
: ) 

Now, March's Roundup!  

First of all, my spotlight book of the month:
K Webster
(This cover is ... oooh!) 

This story!  It's SO unique & different & the blurb tells you nearly NOTHING.
I highly encourage going into it as blind as you can, because it's such a great experience.
It's so totally worth it!  

Next up, we have Jamie Schlosser's Outcast.  

This cover!!!  

It's no secret that I ADORE Jamie & have loved every single one of her books!  This one especially touched me because of the way Ezra & Kayla both feel out of place at times, but are both able to stand up for themselves - and each other.  It's full of heart & hope & is diverse in a natural way, the way diversity is meant to be!  : )  

Fighting Weight

Gillian Jones

Then, we have a book that was difficult in the beginning.  It tackles some TOUGH subjects, and the writing is so real, so incredibly well-done that you can't help but FEEL along with the main character.  And she goes through a kind of hell.  And I struggled, because my empathy was alive & well & in full force.  
I continued with the story, so beautifully written, I was pulled in & didn't want to go.  I hunkered down with my tissues and iced coffee (you may want wine...) & read this amazing story full of so much heart.  

Lover Come Back 
Scott Hildreth
(I don't have a cover image for this one! 
Also on my list this month is a biography of sorts - not my usual, I know!  But Scott wrote his & Jess's story in his usual manner.  It's a beautiful tribute to their relationship, as well as to his family & life in general.  I absolutely loved it & it's a great read!  If you're already a fan of Scott - or if this is your first read from him (because if that's the case, you'll want to read more!).  
It broke my star rating!!!  

Wait With Me
Amy Daws

Have you heard the story of this book?  It's unique & funny & FUN!  
So, Amy had been having a little trouble writing her latest Harris brother story.  Then she took her car to get tires at her local tire shop, Tires Tires Tires.
The words, they flowed!
So, she kept going back.  She borrowed cars from neighbors, family, teachers, ANYONE who would let her take their car in, she did it.  Even after she ran out of cars, she continued.  And she documented the whole adventure on social media.
So, with some encouragement from her agent - and fans - she fictionalized it, added a romance & badda bing, badda boom!  This story was born.
It's fun & has lots of LOL moments & banter (love!) but is also more emotional than I was anticipating.
That's the best kind of surprise!  

Lennon Reborn
Scarlett Cole

Have I gushed to y'all about this series before?  
It's one of my FAVORITES!
It starts at the end of her Second Circle Tattoos series (which I also LOVE), and then moves into a spin off series about the rest of Preload.  They're a rock band, but not typical.
Each story is an emotional, healing journey - and Lennon has his own healing to do.
I absolutely ADORE this story, and I'm including it with March (even tho it doesn't come out until May) because it was one of my favorite reads of the month.

What did y'all read in March?
Any favorites?
Anything that WOW'd you & we all need to read?
Drop a comment!  Don't be shy!  ;)  

: ) 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

February Roundup

Are you ready for some TOP READS from February?  

KC Lynn

OH WOW!!  This one blew me away.  I've been in love w/ KC's books for ages, and this one delivers the same great story telling, but also has some different things that, for some (for me!), will be shocking.  The part that shocked me, tho, didn't detract from my love for this story.  The build up to it, the way each character is woven into the story... by the time I got there, I understood where they were coming from, and I empathized with them.  
Super intense story all around!  

Feels Like Home
Jennifer Van Wyk

This one is sweet & spicy & just so much FUN to read!  It's book 3 in a connected standalones series, and the supporting characters from previous books are perfectly placed to update you on how they are & not detract from the main characters' story.  Just a very feel good read!  

To Cherish
ML Pennock

This is another book 3 in a series of connected standalones, and it's written in a way that we get even more depth to the story.  We aren't just brought into the H and h's POV, but another integral character's as well.  I don't see this style used very often, and in this instance it's used so WELL!  I adore the whole series, each book is a slow & steady burn, allowing us to really get to know each of our characters, connecting to them and rooting for their HEA.  

Anna Brooks

*fans self*  Shooo-eee!  
This one is a companion/connected standalone to Bulletproof Butterfly.  I wasn't really a fan of BB - There was just something about it I couldn't get into.  The writing was great & everything, but I just didn't connect.
And then I read Heartbreaker, and suddenly I needed to re-read BB because I loved this one SO MUCH, and I felt connected to the characters.  So, I did a quick re-read & enjoyed the last half of it so very much that I went in & re-did my review.  I almost never change my posted reviews, because whatever I've written is what I felt about the story at the time.  I might add a re-read note, but I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've actually re-written the whole review.  This was one of those times.

February was also a month full of new releases from Lani Lynn Vale, MJ Nightingale, and Cybill Cain, all two thumbs up & enjoyable recommendations!!  

Looking forward to sharing my March reads - it's only day 4 of the month & I've already read some really amazing ARC's for this month's releases!!  

What're some of your favorites from February?
And what're you looking forward to in March?


: )